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Effective January 21st, 2012, Fitt Meals To Go will be moving to a new, larger location to better serve you. Our new location will be at 26771 Rancho Pkwy, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Our Grand Opening date at the new location is to be announced. Click Here to get an email when our reopening date is set!


Check FittMealsToGo.com and Twitter.com/FittMealsToGo for updates. Our last day of operation in Laguna Niguel will be Friday, January 20th.     We Look Forward to Serving You Soon At Our New & Improved Location!


You may also call 641.715.3900 ext. 250317 for more information or to leave a message for us. If you are an infomercial diet plans/food delivery client, you may contact your sales representative for details.

































With today's epidemic obesity rate at 34% and growing, and 66% of Americans in the overweight category, families and individuals alike need healthy convenience food solutions. 



  FITT MEALS TO GO Fresh Grill




An Orange County Award of Excellence Restaurant

Give a Heart Healthy Gift To a Loved One. Gift Cards Available at our store or shipped nationwide. Call  to talk to one of our trained Sales Associates.


30251 Golden Lantern Suite C, Laguna Niguel, CA  92677

                           Phone: (949) 495-FMTG (3684)

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Ask us about our Monthly Meal Plans and Advanced Health and Fitness Solutions!


Delicious,Whole Grain Based, High Fiber, Meals to Go.

Be Heart Healthy!

Our meals are anti-fast food and anti-diet food!


Our meals are not the conventional, bland healthy "stuff".  Our meals are delcious, nutritious, whole grain based food that includes comfort favorites like Pizza, Pasta and Desserts...real food!  Furthermore, we only use heart healthy Extra Virgin Olive and Canola Oils.


We are taste concsious, therefore we will not use 100% whole wheat .  Research shows that most people do not like the taste of whole wheat pastas or pizzas.  We will, however, use whole, multi-grains .  Our Pizza Dough is made with oat, barley and flaxseed, to name a few.  Our pasta is made with lentil, barley, chickpeas, to name a few.  We are confident that you will love the taste of 100% whole, multi-grain versus just whole wheat.  Fitt Meals are infused with flavor and don't compromise on taste!



Fitt Meals To Go, a subsidiary of Fitt Enterprises Incorporated, is a to-go restaurant offering healthy fast food, healthy pizza and healthy desserts in Laguna Niguel, CA.  Initially, we will be serving the Orange County/Los Angeles, CA area communities and will be launching other stores in the near future. 



''Culinary Innovations for a Healthier You!"


"Remember, it's not about  being skinny, it's about being  Fit."


  • Did you know that high fiber meals keep you fuller longer?


  •  Did you know incorporating whole grain based, high fiber meals will help you consume less calories automatically?


  •  Did you know that a high fiber diet can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure?


  • Did you know that high fiber in your meal plan will also stabilize your blood sugar levels, so you have less cravings, particularly for sweets?


  • Did you know that a high fiber diet not only improves digestive health, removes indigestion but also reduces the risk for heart disease, colon cancer and breast cancer?


  • Did you know that the obesity rate in our children is an epidemic?  There are 9 million kids ages 6-12 that are in the obese category - and those are 2003/2004 figures from the CDC and NHANES.  Obese means 40 pounds or higher.


  • Did you know that our kids can still enjoy their favorite foods and remain at a healthy weight?


  • Did you know that the secret to a healthy weight or weight loss is stabilizing your blood sugar via high fiber, whole grains based meals?  (For weight loss, you need to incorporate realistic calorie control)


  • Did you know that research shows that you can lose weight with just about any diet - problem is 99% of these folks put the weight back on and then some, due to unrealistic goals.  These diets are not only portioned out for a five year old, but are also not sustainable in the real world.  Who can eat chicken and salad all day long?  It is not realistic.  We need healthier, real food options!


  • Did you know that January through March is peak advertising season for the weight loss categories?  From diet food services, weight loss pills, etc.- it ties in with New Year's resolutions.  These products and services will only produce short-lived results.  You can make simple changes in your meal plan and achieve your healthy weight/lifestyle goals by incorporating whole grains via delicious meals and achieve a healthy weight long term.


  • Did you know that a high fiber diet can also include Pizza, Pasta and Meatloaf?  Yes, your favorite comfort foods at their best. You will love the taste of our Fitt Pizza and our decadent, signature Fitt Brownies.


  • Did you know that dietary fiber is quite easy to incorporate in your meals via whole grains, legumes and vegetables? 


  • Did you know that now "every other" food commercial touts fiber as part of their product?  From cereals to yogurt to Splenda, etc.  I have been personally touting dietary fiber as a superfood for the past 7 years.  It is great to see that it is now more mainstream.


  • Fitt Enterprises, Inc. via their food division Fitt Meals To Go wants to be America's leader in Nutritious, Delicious Food Solutions!

So Remember:   Don't Opt For Fast Food, Opt For Fitt Food!


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