Message from the CEO

   Dear Friends,

First and foremost, allow me to thank all of you for your interest in our website.  We have received over 92,000 visits to our website. Since our launch in March 2010, our visits have increased exponentially.  This concept has resonated locally, nationally and internationally! From New York, Chicago to London and Australia (to name a few), we continue to draw great interest.  This is a very basic website and we look forward to upgrading the entire site shortly.

In just our 1st month of operation, we have not only received countless compliments on our food, 5 Star Ratings on Yelp and Merchant Circle, but also many repeat clients, that include Chefs from fine dining restaurants.  Thank you so much for the wonderful response to our establishment.  Though, I was very strategic in my demographic target, I am honored to report that my food has garnered such broad appeal that my customers include kids, teens, young adults, essentially all demographics across the board!

I am thrilled to be able to share with you the health benefits of a high fiber diet and by "diet" I don't mean dieting.  For the past 10 years, I have reaped the health benefits of incorporating high fiber in all my meals via whole grains, legumes and vegetables.  What that means is that, I have, over the years, come up with a sustainable healthy meal plan that includes real food.  That means delicious, flavorful food that includes comfort favorites like Pastas, Rice Dishes and yes even Pizza.  Who can eat salad and chicken all day long?  It is not sustainable nor satisfying, long term.

I have been personally touting the health benefits of a high fiber/whole foods diet for the past 10 years.  It is interesting to see that in the past year or so "every other" food TV commercial claims that they have fiber in their product.  From Splenda to yogurt to protein bars and energy drinks, this industry is in full growth because Fiber is the 21st century's Superfood.  However, the best way to incorporate a high fiber diet is via whole grains, legumes and vegetables:  Real Food that can include comfort favorites.

With today's epidemic statistics on obesity in children and adults, it is imperative that we come up with delicious, nutritious, food solutions in the convenience category. The reason why most Americans fail miserably at sustaining a healthy diet is because the "diet plans" that they have been on are not sustainable.  Of course, with any diet, you will lose the weight, but can you sustain that type of meal plan long term?  The answer 99.9% of the time is "no". Hence, besides the ever growing obesity rate (34%+), almost 70% of Americans are in the overweight category.  We need to take a realistic approach to a healthy weight and heart.  Again, we cannot eat salad and chicken all day long, nor do we want to be served portions for a 5 year old.  It is unrealistic and there are delicious, real food options!

This is where Fitt Meals to Go comes in!  And yes, I do know how to spell quite well.  However, I wanted to name our company "Fitt" with a double t, because I did not want it to be synonymous with "diet food". First, it is a cooler way of saying that you are Fit and Heart Healthy.  Secondly, it is also an acronym for Food Innovations Technology Team.  As our home page states, we are anti-diet food and anti-fast food.  We want to fill the void of being able to have the convenience of picking up a true healthy, whole grain, high fiber, delicious meal. Our meals are made fresh to order and are made with the finest ingredients.  Our meals are not only whole grain based, but are also prepared with heart healthy oils like extra virgin and canola oils.  Additionally, we are sodium friendly. Essentially, we offer an "Array of Superfoods" rich in fiber and mono-unsaturated fats. Despite the economy, research shows that families and individuals alike still eat out 2-3 times per week.  That means that we love the convenience.  However, we are being bombarded with places that offer processed foods laden with high fat, high sodium, white carbs, and unhealthy cooking oils.  Therefore even when you think you're having a healthy meal, "Beware".  As a busy executive and Mom in the broadcast industry, it was hugely frustrating not to be able to pick up a true healthy meal anywhere. Fitt Meals To Go is the Whole Foods Stop of the fast food world. Fitt Meals To Go is one of a kind, and is the first restaurant ever, locally, nationally and internationally with this concept.

Our restaurant offers the convenience of picking up your "ready to eat" meals or delivery. As you will note my pricing is quite competitive, particularly that there is no one, not in Orange County, California, or anywhere else in the country offering this type of concept in high quality, healthy food.  You may order your food online or call us in off the menu. Fitt Meals To Go is a Fine Dining Experience in Every To Go Box!

A high fiber diet has so many health benefits, it is tough to list them all.  However, the ones I would love to highlight are important, as they directly effect and deter the onset of being overweight that leads to obesity.  This includes lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and stabilizing blood sugar which will deter type 2 diabetes.  It also lowers your risk of heart disease, colon and breast cancers.  Please refer to the Health Facts tab for more information.

I will leave you with a philosophy I have always lived by:   This is particularly for all YOU LOVELY LADIES OUT THERE:  IT'S NOT ABOUT BEING SKINNY!  IT'S ABOUT BEING FIT and HEART HEALTHY!  I work out with plenty of the skinny fat.  You know, the ladies who are a size "2" and huff and puff after ten minutes of kick boxing or any type of aerobic workout.  The skinny fat, lack endurance in any type of exercise regimen.  They may seem like they are healthy, but they are far from it. I am disturbed by today's media glorifying women that look like cadavers, skin on bones, without naming them, you know who they are.  Women should strive to be Fit not Thin or Skinny.  At your Fitt Zone  you will not be underweight or overweight. you will be at your True Balance.  You will feel strong, confident and empowered and that's Sexy!  In my mid 40's, I still get carded, whether I am going out to a club or picking up a bottle of wine at the store.  That's the real deal!  I consistently get compliments from men and women alike, young, middle aged and older, that I look like I am in my late 20's or early 30's.  Men love healthy curves, remember that!  We are women, not young pre-pubescent boys!  The average (and by average I mean from a statistics standpoint) woman is 5'4", a size 8-10 and weighs 140 pounds and guess what..that is healthy, looks good, sexy and certainly not average!  Yes, that is where I FIT in, "no pun intended".

As you make your New Year's Resolutions, please be realistic with your weight goals and meal plan.  Do not buy into these diet programs that will yield short-lived results.  You can achieve long term healthy weight goals by being realistic and making simple changes to your meal and exercise plans, it works!  Incorporate whole grain, high fiber foods that are rich in mono-unsaturated fats and sodium friendly. Be Fit for Life!  Be Heart Healthy!

Friends, l will be launching my FittWear line shortly.  This will include the coolest casual wear for men and women and also my Fitt and Fabulous line, exclusively for women! BECAUSE WHEN YOU'RE FIT, YOU'RE FABULOUS!


Warm Regards,

Shirley Peltier


Fitt Enterprises, Inc.


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